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What Principals have to say about ParentTV
What Principals have to say about ParentTV

Principal Andrew Oberthur talks ParentTV benefits for staff and parents

Written by Demo Porpoises
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When your child starts school, it can be a pretty conflicting experience. You’re probably excited for them, nervous for them, and either nostalgic or a bit heavy-hearted, remembering your own school days. It also marks the time when they begin a more independent journey with formal education. When your child’s in an early childhood education and care setting like kindy or daycare, it’s easy to feel involved. You probably got heaps of photos or videos showing what they’d done that day (and you could also tell from the paint/food/miscellaneous sticky things on them and their clothes). You may have even spent a bit of time there yourselves. When they get to primary school, though, the substance of their days can be a bit more opaque. You can’t expect their teacher to give you a comprehensive daily rundown of how things played out each day, nor your child. There are newsletters, P&Fs, Facebook groups, scheduled interviews and particular activities parents can pop in for, but school is usually their place, not yours, and it can sometimes feel like your child’s education is something that happens largely without you. If that’s how you like it, no worries. But, if you’re thinking you’d like to be a little more involved in your child’s education and school life, we’ve got the perfect person to explain how best to go about it!

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