Ways to use ParentTV

Some ways that schools are using ParentTV

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  • On-demand, micro PD for staff
    Some of our schools ask a different teacher each week to select a video of interest to them, staff watch this together in the staff meeting (perfect as it is only 2-5 minutes) and then have a discussion around what was learnt, share stories and reflect on their own practices as well as the wider school approach to the particular topic or issue.

  • Social Media Pack
    Weekly newsletter and social media content to help keep parents learning and engaged.

  • Intervention during Crises
    Community crisis response to death, suicide, bullying, bushfires and natural disasters, COVID etc. Your school is armed with the research-based resources to respond to tricky issues and topics that arise, in the moments it is needed.

  • Parent information nights
    We put together resources for Starting School and at Prep Information Nights, a few videos can be played or supplied to new parents to help them with the transition.

  • Child Activities
    Our 'Activities' section features breathing, yoga, mindfulness, stretching and brain break videos that can be used by teachers within the classroom daily as transition activities and as daily wellbeing check-in's for students and teachers alike.

  • Teacher Resource
    A resource for teachers to point parents to when they come asking questions that really require the advice of a psychologist, psychiatrist, paediatrician, OT, dietician, so that they can get back to their area of speciality, the education of children.

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